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Tornado tested, survivor approved!

FamilySAFE of Texas has been tested not only by the Texas Tech Wind Research Lab but the ultimate test of an EF-5 Tornado with a direct hit. Our shelters performed flawlessly facing down the worst that mother nature has to offer. Three of our shelters were put to the test during the 2013 EF-5 Tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013.
Our engineers not only made sure that the shelters we provide your family meet all industry standards, but exceed them by three times or more with thicker stronger steel, and better designed framing to support the walls and ceiling against debris impact and wind load.
Our ventilation system has one vent in the ceiling and two in the door and our “no pinch” MAX door has an additional vent all the way around the door with a ¾” space between the door and frame that is also a safety feature to help prevent you from getting fingers caught.

Why Choose Us?

FamilySAFE EF5-Tested above ground and in-ground tornado shelters. FamilySAFE offers a variety of fully-tested and certified in-ground and above ground storm shelters for you to choose to add into your home. Contact us today if you have any questions about installing one of our storm shelters in your home or business. We would be happy to hear from you!

FamilySAFE is the only company in the world to have all of the following:

FamilySAFE uses 2″x2″ structure in every one of its storm shelters.

Supports over 150,000 pounds coming down onto the shelter this is more than ten times what can be physically stacked on the surface area available. So if a tree or car gets blown into the shelter your Family will be SAFE.

Only FamilySAFE has the new 2012 patent pending Safe-T-Door.

Our door is what really sets us apart from all other shelter companies. Our door has 11 points of contact when all locks are engaged. We have an industry leading patent pending door design that allows more air to pass through and around it than any other door in the industry. Ensuring that you always have fresh air to breath. Our pinch resistant feature keeps your fingers from getting caught between the door in the frame. Our Lift and Release feature allows you to open the door in the event that the Class one commercial grade locks fails to release once the storm is over. First Responders can also open the door from the outside if there is a medical emergency inside the shelter.

Only FamilySAFE has permission from the HILTI Company for their logo use.

FamilySAFE is the only storm shelter company specifically trained by HILTI on how to properly use their anchors. HILTI engineers were an integral part of our anchoring system design. FamilySAFE went to HILTI in 1998 while designing the first above ground shelter. HILTI engineers designed the anchoring pattern, type of bolt we use, which is three times what is required to hold up to an EF-5 Tornado. Still today HILTI is involved in our company and FamilySAFE is the only shelter company to have its anchoring system designed by HILTI.

FamilySAFE uses Class/Grade 1 commercial hardware with choices available.

We use three of the best deadbolt locks available on our doors. If you want to use your FamilySAFE as a vault we also have a high security lock from Mul-T-lock available.

FamilySAFE has been tested by Texas Tech University, twice (1999 & 2011).

FamilySAFE was the first above ground prefabricated storm shelter to pass all testing at the Texas Tech wind lab. We are the only tornado shelter company to be tested with a person inside the unit. If the storm shelter has not seen Texas Tech it could be because Texas Tech may not pass it. Never assume, always ask for the paperwork!

FamilySAFE has full-P.E. engineered drawings and blueprints.

Three independent engineering firms, engineers from the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA), as well as the HILTI engineering team have signed and stamped FamilySAFE’s drawings and blueprints to meet and exceed not only all of FEMA and Texas Tech’s requirements, but also every state in the union. Two of the engineers were/are the lead engineers for the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA), James McDonald and Ron F. Hansing.

FamilySAFE strives to meet or exceed the requirements of…

During testing at the Texas Tech wind lab, we spoke to their engineers as to what the industry standards were for storm shelters. Surprisingly, there were none. FamilySAFE along with three other shelter companies, and the engineers at Texas Tech, set out to change this. As leaders in the shelter industry we felt an obligation to the public to set a standard for all to follow. We contacted FEMA and assisted them in writing “FEMA 320 Taking Shelter from the Storm.” That publication, along with ICC 500 (International Code Council), are now the standard for all storm shelter companies.

FamilySAFE is a debt free award winning company.

Our lifetime warranty is backed by a company that will be there for the lifetime of your safe room. We have received several awards from the Better Business Bureau over the course of our lifetime.

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