FamilySAFE Storm Shelters takes pride in the quality of our customer service, attention to detail, and professional installers. Not only do we strive to create the best above ground storm shelter in the industry, we take great efforts to also provide a positive experience with our company and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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Having lived in West Texas, I grew up with that panicked feeling with the mention of “tornado”. This is the first time I have felt “calm” in bad weather. Thank you!
Linda S.

We have owned our safe room for several years and have used it numerous times living in the Oklahoma City/Moore area, not just for ourselves, but for our neighbours also.

While the May 20, 2013 tornado destroyed our house, our safe room was not damaged at all and stood alone in the garage while outside the walls and roof were falling.

Your company has been so thoughtful and gracious, checking on us via e-mail and phone calls during the first weeks of recovery to see if we were OK or in need of anything. Then, knowing concerns about storage for our safe room when having the remainder of our house demo’d, your company let us know you would take it to your storage yard to keep until we are ready to have it reset! Wow, what a huge relief that was and still is. I miss the security I felt having the safe-room close.

We tell everyone who will listen about your company, it’s products and services. It’s about staying safe! Thanks for what you provide in peace of mind and security,

Jerry & Susie


Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you.

Cameron did a wonderful job with the installation. He is very professional, courteous, and his attention to detail was outstanding. He took great care to not bump into things as he moved the shelter and was very conscientious about his and Aaron’s safety when moving the shelter. The shelter was cleaned and touched up before they left. Great job!

Connie S.

Thank you for providing such an outstanding product to our family. We all agree this is an investment we hope to never use, but I believe we purchased the best safe room possible. As a certified welder in my previous career, I can appreciate the structural design and workmanship that has gone into the product. Your installation team and their methodical method of moving and placing the unit made the task look easy without leaving a mark on our driveway or finished garage floor. Very impressive, very professional, and very much appreciated!

I viewed your interview with WFAA Dallas / Fort Worth broadcast on July 3rd and I’m sure even before that there was a high demand for these shelters. But you delivered as promised and we could not be happier with our decision to go with FamilySAFE of Texas.

Jim T.

To the Family SAFE Family,

On April 27, 2011 our community was devastated by an F4 tornado with winds in excess of 176pmh. Heading the tornado warnings, my husband and I entered our Family SAFE tornado shelter as we have every tornado season since it was installed in 2008. The radio broadcast had given us ample warning, approximately 11 minutes to take shelter, but we felt this warning was different from previous warnings. As we hurried into our shelter and closed and locked the door, we felt secure – scared, but secure that we would survive the storm. We had never experienced a tornado before and as we sat listening to the winds of this monster tear our garage roofs and ceilings apart, the Family SAFE shelter was our safe refuge. It never moved,vibrated or shook!

The event lasted less than 5 minutes. We followed instructions from the radio braodcaster to exit the shelter shortly thereafter. As we exited and took in the immediate damage to our garages, we were amazed that the stall the Family SAFE occupied, along with our pick-up truck, was not damaged! The first stall ceiling had been ripped apart, drywall hanging from ceiling to floor. But we were alive!

We both know we were so fortunate, much more than others, and if there is anything good that came from this disaster/experience, is the fact that we are alive and safe because of our Family SAFE tornado shelter, and of course our creator!

Thank you to the manufacturers of this superb product and our recommendations are off the charts! Feeling safe and secure during an event as this is priceless.

EF4 Tornado Testimonial

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