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FamilySAFE storm shelters in existing homes

Existing Homes - FamilySAFE of Texas

Our prefabricated shelters are perfect for existing homes. Our shelters, which are welded right here in-house, ensures that each shelter produced is built to FamilySAFE’s exacting standards. Our shelter is designed to save your life and our multi-step quality control makes sure that the product that you receive will stand up to the worst EF-5 mother nature has.

From the time we arrive at your home, the install process takes less than 2 hours. Our installers are trained by the HILTI company on how to determine what type of anchor to use and how to properly install it. We are the only company to have a letter of endorsement from the HILTI company. That’s because they’ve visited our shop where the units are built and have seen our installation process. No other shelter company can say the same.

The most common place to install our prefabricated shelter is the garage but if that doesn’t work for you we will work with you to find another installation site.

If you move, we can move the shelter to your new home.

A FamilySAFE Installation

A recent customer, living in tornado alley, became concerned when homes just a few miles away were levelled by an F3 tornado. Their previous “tornado plan” had been to huddle in their guest bathroom, but seeing that the F3 storm had swept away everything except the concrete slab on the nearby homes, they realized that their plan would be useless in any but the smallest storms. They decided to purchase one of our FamilySAFE safe rooms, and have it positioned so that it would be immediately accessible from the master bedroom.

Existing Homes

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The shelter was delivered as scheduled. I was surprised to see how heavy the unit was, and how well the installers were able to move it into place. The whole process took about an hour, split almost equally between getting the shelter off the trailer, getting it into position, and fastening it to the cement slab with very large bolts.

We had decided to position the shelter so it was readily accessible from the bedroom. We reasoned that the most critical situation would be if we were awakened by a storm. We wanted to minimize the time it would take to reach the shelter in such a ‘no notice’ situation.

We sacrificed a linen closet immediately outside the master bedroom, created an opening into the garage through that closet, and asked FamilySAFE to install the shelter against that new opening.

The information provided by FamilySAFE was precise, so the safe room fit exactly as expected. We can now get into the shelter in just seconds from anywhere in the house.

After several “near misses” with tornadoes in the past few years, we are glad to have something so much more secure in a bad storm than the guest bathroom! And although we are in a relatively low-crime area, it’s also nice to know there is an extremely safe and secure room accessible in the event that the threat is from people, rather than nature.

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